Hebei Hairan Technology

Hiran technology((Hebei Hiran Import & Export Trading Co. , Ltd) is devoting to offering the best pump solution to the end users. With years of accumulation and development, we have formed a complete system of pump production, design, selection, application and maintenance. We focus on customer service, solve the problems and save the cost from longterm.
Respective regional functional localization and industrial layout
Focus on the development of mine and power station industry pumps, mud and dredge industry pumps, home used pump and irrigation industry pump, seawater industry pump. 

Our Advantages

1. We have professional technical engineers for each industry we involved. 2.100% export business,standard remains unchangeable, the quality is stable. 3.Mainly produce the big parts diameter is about 300-1000mm.The largest vertical machine is about 6.3 meters. We can process 40 inches volute. 4.Each part has a number,Matching size inspection record. 5.three levels for dynamic balance<200kg,<1T,<5T. Small vibration through dynamic balancing impeller,low noise pump,associated axis、long bearing life.
Multidimensional product system
Hiran expands large industry fields and product lines.
The product system involves: pumps for mining and electricity (horizontal slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, gravel pump, foam pump, filter press pump, desulfurization pump, etc.); pumps for mud (submersible pump, hydraulic pump, large dredging pump, etc.) pumps, submersible dredging, etc.); irrigation and household pumps (sprinkler irrigation pumps, flood irrigation pumps, household pumps, deep well pumps, submersible pumps); river aquaculture pumps, wear-resistant steel balls, etc. relevant qualifications.
Business purpose
What the heart longs for, the action will show it. Hide our light and simple